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Kids Educational 7” Android Tablet With Protective Case

Kids Educational 7” Android Tablet With Protective Case

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About this product:

Welcome to the world of boundless entertainment and education seamlessly blended into the Veidoo Kids Android Tablet. Crafted with your child's joy in mind, this tablet is not just a gadget – it's a doorway to a universe of exploration and fun. Let's see what makes this tablet the perfect companion for your child's learning and playtime.

Secure Exploration with Kids & Parental Control Mode:
Create a worry-free environment for your child to explore digital content, ensuring their online experience is safe and parent-approved.

An Immersive 7-inch Entertainment Hub:
The 7-inch screen is a visual delight, perfectly fitted for your child's hands. From engaging games to delightful videos, every interaction bursts to life on this vivid display.

Effortless Performance for Uninterrupted Play:
Armed with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the Veidoo Kids Tablet guarantees seamless performance, letting your child navigate through games and activities effortlessly. Whether it's conquering levels or discovering creative apps, this tablet is up for the adventure.

Modern and Secure Android 10.0 Interface:
Fueled by Android 10.0, the tablet boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring both parents and kids can navigate with ease. It's a contemporary platform prioritizing security and simplicity.

Built Tough for Playful Explorers:
Designed to withstand the boundless curiosity of little hands while maintaining functionality, thanks to its robust silicone protective case.

Parental Peace of Mind with 6-Month Warranty:
Backed by a 6-month warranty, assuring the tablet's durability and longevity, so you can have peace of mind as your child explores and learns.

Quick and Convenient Charging with USB Type C:
Charging is a breeze with the USB Type C interface, ensuring the tablet is always ready for action during those exciting playtimes.

Stay Connected with WiFi:
Enable your child to explore a world of content and resources with WiFi connectivity, opening up a vast playground for both entertainment and education.

Ultimate Entertainment with YouTube and Netflix:
Enjoy a curated selection of age-appropriate content on popular streaming platforms, making entertainment as educational as it is fun. From captivating shows to interactive games, your child's world just got more exciting.

What is included in box:
Protective Case
Charging cable
Charging wall adaptor
Screen guard

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