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ELEBEBE Hands-Free Express Cups (Excludes Pump Unit & Tubing)

ELEBEBE Hands-Free Express Cups (Excludes Pump Unit & Tubing)

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About this product:

Our new ELEBEBE Hands-Free Express Cups were designed for and ONLY FIT ON OUR ELEBEBE DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP. When paired with our ELEBEBE Pump these Express Cups provide a hands-free pumping experience without compromising on efficiency or comfort. They offer you a single or double, more enjoyable, and discreet way to express breastmilk.

They come STANDARD with 25mm flanges as well as ONE FREE PAIR of 22mm and ONE FREE PAIR of 19mm flange inserts if you need to go smaller.

Also you DO NOT get tubing together with the express cups, PLEASE USE the original Elebebe tubing you got together with the Elebebe breast pump.

Click here to download the product manual: Elebebe Express Cups Manual


Designed to use anytime you like, whenever you like:
- While nursing your baby on the other side
- Sitting at your desk at work
- In the kitchen
- In transit – the car or airplane
Any activity where you can remain upright, and it is safe to do so

The Express Cups is a high-quality closed system, free from BPA and DEHP. The breast shields are made from food-grade silicone for your comfort and safety.

In the box

- One pair of 25mm Express Cups
- One pair 22mm flange inserts
- One pair 19mm flange inserts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michelle Nehoya
Wonderful handsfree pump

I recently purchased this pump to switch up between the bottle attachment and handsfree. Works wonderfully and easy to reassemble after cleaning. Making my journey into motherhood so pleasant and easy.

Kumbirai Mutsau
Not for busty woman

These are indeed very convenient, however, I am busty woman and the cups just didn't sit well in the bra and I felt overly larger than usual and very uncomfortable.

Mari-Nella Burger
I love it!

II love it! My older cups where about two ears old and broke by accident so had to order new ones and these ones were an upgrade to the older once by far! Love it. I also never had those flange inserts the first time around and got them now with this order - wow...made a huge difference. Better pumping experience.