Chai Namibia "Birthday Sale"

The following SPECIALS are available from 27 MAY 2022 to 25 JUNE 2022:
  1. Buy our ELEBEBE Double Electric Breast Pump for ONLY N$ 1,495
  2. Buy our Bimirth Breast Milk Storage Bags - 37 pcs for ONLY N$ 123
  3. Buy our Bimirth Breast Milk Storage Bags - 112 pcs for ONLY N$ 349
  4. Buy our Six layer Muslin Blankets (100% cotton) for ONLY N$ 329
  5. Buy our 2-layer Bamboo/Cotton Muslin Blankets for ONLY N$ 215
  6. Buy our Vintage Cotton Baby Boy Bibs for ONLY N$ 89
  7. Buy our XPE Foam Foldable Kids Play Mats for ONLY N$ 850
  8. Buy our Multi-Purpose Baby Seat & Nursing Covers for ONLY N$ 199
  9. Buy our Chai "Travel-Light" Baby Booster Seats for ONLY N$ 575
Terms and Conditions:
1. Only valid for website purchases.
2. Only valid for the period stated above, for products currently in stock and while stock lasts.
3. We reserve the right to cancel the sale at any time.