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ELEBEBE Double Electric Breast Pump (Hospital-Grade Strength)

ELEBEBE Double Electric Breast Pump (Hospital-Grade Strength)

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About this product:

Need help selecting the correct flange size for your ELEBEBE pump? (Click here)

  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT DOUBLE BREAST PUMP - The ELEBEBE automatic breast pump is a hospital-strength (80-300mmHg) breast pump, which can suckle more efficiently and give you more breast milk in less time, saving up to 80% of the time you would have used on a manual breast pump.
  • FLANGE SIZES - The ELEBEBE breast pump now comes with a choice of different flange sizes, namely 21mm, 24mm & 27mm. 

    If you need a smaller size, we also sell silicone flange inserts that can convert the standard ELEBEBE flanges to smaller sizes i.e. 17mm (for 21mm standard flange) and 19mm (for 24mm standard flange) (Click here to buy the 17mm & 19mm flange inserts)
  • 5 MASSAGE LEVELS - The ELEBEBE has an amazing 5 LEVELS for massage mode, which helps you stimulate your breasts before sucking, which is good for maximizing breast milk production and also reduces breast discomfort during sucking.
  • 9 PUMPING LEVELS - It also has a total of 9 LEVELS for pumping mode, to provide for any suction need, whether you want quick pumping or need a more comfortable pumping experience, the ELEBEBE will have a suitable suction level for you.
  • HANDS-FREE DESIGN & LONG-LASTING BATTERY - This cordless breast pump with a 1700mAh rechargeable battery enables you to use it at ease. It is very easy to recharge with its USB charging cable. It is also equipped with an indicator for using time and battery (The battery indicator will start FLASHING before the battery goes flat), so there is no need to time your usage or wonder when the battery will go flat.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & HYGIENIC CLOSED SYSTEM - The ELEBEBE is a hospital-grade feeding pump with a Hygienic closed system, that will stop your breast milk from flowing back into the system and thereby keeping it sterile. The pump can also easily be taken apart to be cleaned thoroughly by boiling water.
  • SUPER QUIET & PAIN-FREE SAFE DESIGN - The pumping noise will be less than 55dB. All the pump parts are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA and latex. Comfortable silicone shields will protect your soft and delicate breasts.


Product Warranty:

  • Customers who purchase any ELEBEBE Electric Breast Pump directly from us, any of our authorized distributors, or any authorized retailer, are eligible for a full six (6) month exchange warranty.

Click on the following link for the detailed terms & conditions: Service warranty terms & conditions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Michelle Nehoya
Worth the Value!

I love my pump. Very easy to use, setup and clean. Made my pregnancy journey thus far very pleasant.


The pumps are very much convenient and easy to assemble and use...they are also fast

Beverly Silas-Garas
Worth every penny spend

This product works amazing. Easy to use and very easy to clean. I spend two weeks in the hospital pumping and breastfeeding and I had two big cool boxes full of frozen milk upon my discharge.